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  • Yoga Teacher

    I took my first Hatha & Kundalini classes in 1994 at the University of Oregon. I experienced life-changing transformation when I attended a yoga retreat in Costa Rica to celebrate my 30th birthday. I graduated from Yoga Refuge Conservatory in March 2018 with my 200-hour teacher training. Please see the schedule below to come to a yoga class!

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    To help me bring my energy back to my family, all of my current teaching is on hold. Join my mailing list to receive updates on future offerings. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy my 107 class recordings on my YouTube Channel .


    Join the Facebook Page for updates on Yoga in The Park:

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    Yoga Teaching Journey

    My whole life I struggled with PCOS and had irregular periods. When I was 30 I went on a life changing yoga retreat in Costa Rica. This set me on a path to discover better health and nutrition. At 35 when my periods started to become regular again, I decided I wanted to try to have children. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 4 years. I found out at age 41 that I had stage 1 uterine cancer and I had to have a full hysterectomy.


    Thankfully the surgery resulted in them catching the cancer and likely saved my life. I really wanted my body back after that, so I rejoined the gym near me, LA Fitness, as soon as I could and while there I went to a yoga class with a plus size teacher that sort of blew my mind. She turned the lights down, turn on classical music and I allowed myself to cry throughout the whole class. It was so healing and wonderful and I was just so inspired by her. Since she had a body similar to mine, I felt the class was just for me. She gave me a vision for seeing myself as a yoga teacher. I've always loved yoga. So I kept going to the gym and even paid more so I could bring friends as guests and that got me there more than ever, since I'm so very social and it was like: hey let's meet at the gym for yoga, dance, water aerobics, etc.


    After not being able to have children, my husband and I got inspired to adopt a child from foster care. We started to go to trainings and counseling and I cleared my schedule to make space in our home and life. I also realized that my self care wasn't nearly where I needed it to be to care for a child. How could I expect to care for a child when I wasn't really caring for myself?! I set up a yoga studio in my garage, which is now where I teach my math class remotely. But as I was doing yoga on my own in the garage, I felt alone and like I really didn't know that much about what I was doing. I was just practicing what I had learned in the classes I'd taken, but something was missing. Through couples counseling we realized we weren't ready to adopt, so then I saw this opportunity to go to yoga teacher training. I had the time and I figured it was just for me to learn and grow my own practice. I didn't really have the intention to teach at that point. It just felt the perfect window of time to help myself prepare for bringing a child into our home. A skill that I could learn for myself and my community.


    So October 2017, I joined the 200-hour Yoga Conservatory at Yoga Refuge. It was a remarkable and life changing experience! I'm so happy I did it. After training I thought, well I might as well practice teaching so I can develop that skill. My main goal was to make yoga a part of my lifestyle, a habit, a practice, and to build community. I went back to my gym and I got hired to teach yoga and ended up back in that same room with the amazing teacher I'd had there and who inspired me to see myself as a yoga teacher. I taught there for 2 years. I got to bring free guests and got a free membership. My brother came to my classes every Sunday for two years to work out and take yoga. As a plus size teacher myself, showing up in my bigger body to be the yoga teacher at the gym was very challenging to my inner critic. But I feel like representation is so important and I tried to offer lots of variation on poses to allow for a balance of effort and ease and to meet the needs of a very diverse class. That's what I really loved about the gym, the diversity of levels, bodies, experience, etc.


    But then Covid-19 hit and the gym closed. I took it as a nice little teaching break. I started to take zoom classes and loved the fact that I didn't have to leave my house. We got our 14 year old girl Electra from foster care and are about to adopt her. The gym reopened, but I didn't feel comfortable going back with these new mom commitments. The summer 2020, I started to teach yoga in the park to two neighbor friends with girls Electra's age. It was so lovely! See my weekly offerings above to join a live class.



  • Math Tutor & Summer Camp for Kids

    I discovered my love for math in the 8th grade when I began tutoring my friend on the bus to school. I told her then I wanted to become a math teacher. In 2002, I joined the New York City Teaching Fellow program and began teaching Middle School Math in Brooklyn, NY. I earned a Master's in Math Education from St. John's University. I taught public school grades 5-9 for 9 years in New York City. I currently teach math at Portland Community College and Clackamas Community College.

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    Teaching Philosophy

    I believe that all people can learn math! In my long career as a math instructor, I've gathered a large set of resources and ideas. I love to use a variety of approaches including games, stories, and hands-on activities, such as Origami, to engage students of all ages. For my community college course I've recorded my lessons for my students. You can see samples of my teaching on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mickijosi or find complete sets of links below in Micki's Math Resources.

    Math Tutoring: I provide tutoring for students of all ages from my home studio or via Zoom. My rate is $80 for 1 hour. To book an appointment email me with the details of the grade level and days and times you are interested in: mickijosi@gmail.com


    Summer Camps: I provide summer day camps for kids of all ages beginning with math games, then pool play time, followed by story time with snacks. Camp times can be booked weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays Noon - 3pm. The rate is $80 per day. If you are interested on checking availability, please email me at mickijosi@gmail.com

  • Math Videos

    April 3, 2020 · Math
    Math 95 Lecture Videos for Clackamas Community College by Micki Josi (Recorded Summer 2019) CLICK here to download the Lecture Notes Packet, Activities, and Key (handouts) Radicals: Section 7-1: Radicals Part 1: https://youtu.be/9KvhssF3o_g Section 7-1: Radicals Part 2: https://youtu.be...
    April 3, 2020 · Math
    Math 65 Links for Clackamas Community College By Micki Josi In Summer 2018 I made videos of my lessons so that I could do a flipped style class: What is a flipped class? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdKzSq_t8k8&feature=youtu.be So many students tell me about their Math Anxiety, so I love...
    April 3, 2020 · Math
    Math 60 Lesson Videos for Clackamas Community College by Micki Josi  Click here to download the: Lecture Notes Packet, Activities Packet, & Key (handouts)  Lesson 1 Part 1: Fraction Review: https://youtu.be/KmSzGF8uXds Lesson 1 Part 2: Order of Operations & Translating Expressions: https:/...
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  • So Fine Studios

    An Idea: A collective of online yoga and fitness teachers

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    My name is Micki Josi. I'm a Yoga & Math Teacher. So Fine is the name of my home studio in the Lents neighborhood of SE Portland, Oregon. This is where I teach my online yoga and math classes via Zoom.


    I'm currently working to collaborate with other teachers to form: So Fine Studios is a collective of online teachers providing a weekly schedule of body positive and accessible online yoga and fitness classes for a monthly subscription. 


    Reasoning: Many of us are individually offering online classes via Zoom. Since these classes are not limited by space and location, it's creating a unique opportunity for teachers to collaborate and provide a shared weekly schedule. Students will be able to access these classes for 1 monthly subscription. Teacher will commit to providing 2 classes on the schedule per week. The profits will be split evenly among active collective members. The subscriber list is shared between all of the teachers.


    This project is still in the idea phase and I am looking for teachers who are interested in collaborating to form a weekly schedule of group classes in order to reach more students and continue to build our own businesses. Please email me if you are interested in getting involved: mickijosi@gmail.com

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